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Its been one week. The memory is still vivid in my mind. Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, Kliph Scurlock, Wayne Coyne.

Thats right, last Friday me and a few friends of mine saw a little old band from Oklahoma City. Yep, we went to a Flaming Lips concert. And it was amazing. Its no coincidence that “Q Magazine named the Flaming Lips one of the ’50 Bands to See Before You Die.'” That statement is powerful, and the Lips deserve such distinction.

The concert was at the Sandstone Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Outdoor shows are always fun, especially when the weather is perfect. And this it was. The whole day leading up to the concert it was raining, it was cool, and it was dreary. The forecast for the concert called for heavy thunderstorms. I went to the store to pick up a poncho just in case. As I got off work and headed to the concert, the skies opened up, the sun came out, and the birds were chirping. It was beautiful by the time I arrived at the venue. By the time the Lips started to perform, the stars were out. At one point, frontman Wayne Coyne, mentioned the fact that the weather turned out to be perfect, all the while you could see massive amounts of lightning in the distance. The rain never came to the concert. That moment will be burned in my mind forever.

Now if you haven’t heard of the Flaming Lips or seen any of their concerts, you don”t know the half of it. Music aside, this band puts on one hell of a show. As the concert starts, the roadies release dozens of gigantic, multi-colored balloons into the audience to hit around. The lead singer, Wayne Coyne, makes his entrance by entering a gigantic, inflatable bubble similar to a clear hamster ball. Once the ball is inflated, Wayne makes his way off the stage and begins to crawl on top of the audience across the front rows. Wow. I have never seen anything like this before. Through the concert there is a massive amount of confetti and smoke amidst the beautiful light display. Flanking the band on either side of the stage are groups of people dressed up in DJ Lances outfit from the Nick Jr. show, Yo Gabba Gabba!. During the whole concert these groups of Gabba Gabba’s danced to the music. At one point a giant rubber caterpillar and catfish were on either side of the stage dancing to the music too! Crazy.

The highlight of the show for me was when the lights went out, tons of smoke was released, and Wayne Coyne put on a pair of gigantic hands with green lasers shooting out of the palms. The audience went nuts. Simply put, I can be here all day talking about what I saw at the concert. The theatrics of the show was amazing to begin with, but couple this with the music being played, in my opinion, this is the best show I have ever been to.

Song Highlights:
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
The W.A.N.D
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
Convinced of the Hex
Brain Damaged (Pink Floyd Cover)
Eclipse (Pink Floyd Cover)

As you can tell, I was a happy man at that concert. If the Lips ever come into town again, I’m there. I read an article about the Lips once saying that the band gave each member of the audience a portable walkman with an FM tuner. The audience was to wear the walkmans and tune to a station that the Lips set up to broadcast the concert. This was to allow the audience the chance to listen to the concert with maximum clarity while experiencing the performance at the same time. With iPods being made with FM tuners on them now, lets hope that the band will pass out free iPod Nano’s in future events! One can only hope.

If anyone else out there went to a Lips concert and thought it was amazing, let me know! I’m interested in hearing what others out there have to say about their performance. Email me at

One last thing, watch Fearless Freaks, a documentary about the Flaming Lips.

Bye bye, everybody, BYE!

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