Future of ‘sapphire’ glass bleak in light of bankruptcy news

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Those Apple fans hoping for a near-indestructible screen on a later incarnation of the iPhone probably won't be getting the future they were expecting. USA Today reported that GT Advanced Technologies, the company behind the “sapphire” glass hotly touted by Apple as a new standard in quality, filed for Chapter 11 on Monday. According to Forbes contributor Mark Rogowsky, GT was advanced almost $600 million by Apple and was predicting more than $1 billion in revenue.

“Somewhere between those heady days of February and the launch of the iPhone 6 in September, whatever GT and Apple had planned had already gone awry,” Rogowsky wrote. “No models of Apple's new phones were announced with sapphire and even the new Apple Watch wouldn't be using it on the least expensive – and likely most popular – model. GT, Apple's new best friend last November, had already fallen from favor. Yesterday, due in large part to that frayed relationship, GT declared bankruptcy. It still owes Apple a good chunk of that $578 million.”

Rogowsky believes that the falling out had to do with two failures in the development stage. GT was both unable to deliver a large enough quantity of screens for use in the new iPhones and the “slightly curved edge” of the iPhone 6 needed “delicate finishing” of sapphire glass in order to be successfully installed and used. It was likely that a low supply and additional efforts would have raised the price of the new iPhones significantly – hence Apple's hesitation to follow through.

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