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Seriously, Nate. That’s the most monumentally horrible thing I’ve seen in a long while. To make it worse, every time I close my eyes I see that freaking dog with your face. Thanks for ruining my week. On the bright side, it is indeed Spring here at the Q, which means one very important thing: bratwurst season. Time to break out the grill over the lunch hour and char up some fatty, beery German sausagey goodness and enjoy the sun on our faces for once. Except that today it’s raining. Anyhow…

I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors, but I’m going to reiterate them anyway. Cause it’s exciting news for the expanding Apple world. Apple is allegedly in talks with Verizon to develop an iPhone that integrates Verizon’s CDMA technology. Still not the greatest news for those of you loyal to yet another network, but it’s getting closer. You can read up at iPodObserver.

That’s about it for this week, friends. A sincere congrats to you Eagles, Bengals and Giants fans who cleaned up at the NFL draft this weekend. And Happy 50th Anniversary, Oakland Raiders. Hope you wanted another losing season, cause that’s what the draft got you. Check back next week for your May repair coupons, friends. ‘Til then.

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