Focusing in on the iPhone 5 camera

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Among the many snazzy attractions of Apple’s new iPhone 5 is an updated set of camera features that aim to capitalize on the way cellphones are replacing consumer cameras.

Offering the same 8 megapixels as the iPhone 4S camera, the iPhone 5’s improvements are mostly software-based, MacWorld noted. Nonetheless, the new camera boasts a new lens with precision alignment, and the pictures now display in a 3264×2448 resolution on a Retina display. Improved processor speeds make the camera 40 percent faster, while automatic aperture adjustments boost the camera’s low light performance and increased color saturation offers a richer picture.

New software additions include a panorama option and improvements to video such as better face recognition and the ability to take pictures while shooting video. FaceTime is now offered in 720p HD resolution.

Pictures on the Apple website emphasize the camera’s professional quality and ambition to be more than just a mobile phone camera. Users who want to enjoy the crisp images don’t have to worry about a cracked iPhone screen holding back their photography thanks to iPhone repair from iResQ. Instead, you can focus on using new features to get the perfect shot.

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