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If you haven’t been to yet today, that’s what you’ll see written boldly across the front page. Of course they’re talking about the arrival of the iPhone 4 in white, a mere ten months after the date of announcement. So hurry over to your nearest Apple store if you want one- the lines are probably going to start forming if they haven’t already. And of course, if you happen to drop your white iPhone 4 on the way out of the store, we’ve had white replacement parts for months, and virtually any other color you could possibly want.

On to more fun stuff! A little over a week ago we posted a new ad on YouTube that has been getting some buzz on FaceBook and Twitter. It’s an homage to one of the most famous sequences in all of American film history, the classic Janet Leigh murder in the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Take a look:

There are more videos to come in this series of ads, so stick around to see what our creative department throws at you.

Have a great week everyone. The white iPhone is here, the NFL draft starts tonight, and the sun is finally shining in the midwest. Huzzah!

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