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Hey all, long time no see. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Let’s get right into it, then…

Remember our Rhett and Link video? I’m sure you’ve seen it all across the internet, but if not, I have taken the liberty to post it for you below. As you know, Rhett and Link are comedians that achieved some notoriety when they started making internet music videos. They had a stroke of genius with the “Dead Ipod Song” and promoted yours truly (iResQ) with the video. That was February 2008 (you can still see our old trusty website at the end of the video).

Well, lo and behold, I saw them on a McDonald’s commercial yesterday. Does this mean that they’ve hit the big time? I’m not sure — I thought they hit the big time in Feb ’08! I guess it’s up for debate, but one thing is for sure: the McDonald’s commercial is pretty cool. Congrats to our pals Rhett and Link. Let’s raise our coke glasses and eat a ceremonial french fry to celebrate.

Check out both videos below, and watch out for that doom seed. For what it’s worth, there are also doom seeds in iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Just kiddin’; doom seeds aren’t real.

Yours truly,

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