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Happy almost February, everyone. It’s an uncharacteristically and pleasantly warm week in Kansas City- these last two days in January are hovering around 60 degrees, and everyone is itching to be outside. But fear not loyal patrons, we’re holed up in the tech room fixing every MacBook, iPod, iPad and iPhone 4S that you send our way. But February is an exciting time for me- the Superbowl is less than a week away, and then my birthday in another week (I’m in the sunset of my 20s; a whole new decade is only a year away). On an even more personal note, February is when my family is expecting to officially be put on the waiting list for adopting our next child from Ethiopia. Months and months of paperwork culminate with a position on the list this week, so it’s pretty exciting. Now if you’ll forgive me for a brief step onto my soapbox, I promise I’ll make it quick.

If you decide you’re not interested in the spectacle this Sunday featuring Madonna and whatever AMAZING guest stars grace the half time stage, check out the video and consequent discussion threads that Superbowl Winning Head Coach Tony Dungy put together. It’s just information and encouragement for those who may consider adoption part of their future. I won’t embed it here, but if you or someone you know may be interested in adoption, you can find more information here.

See, that was brief, wasn’t it? Now, keep checking back for deals on MacBook, iPod, iPad and iPhone 4S repairs. My next post will have a little something special. Have a great week everyone.

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