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Hey chilluns. I’m back from California and boy are my arms tired. But seriously, that’s an enjoyable state. The wife and I spent a few days with friends in sunny Los Angeles, then drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco. I got a wicked sunburn on my left arm from letting it hang out the window in the salty sea air the whole way. But no matter. Check out what we stumbled upon while we were in the Bay area:

That’s right. It’s Danny Tanner’s house. Jealous?

We also got to drive through Cupertino and see, from a distance, 1 Infinite Loop in all it’s glory. Well, as much glory as you can witness at ten o’clock on a Sunday night from about a mile away. Still, being that close to all those ideas, just stewing within the walls of Apple headquarters. Gave me chills, it did.

Before the chills wear off, shoot me your invoice number or web confirmation number for your next flat-rate MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini repair and I’ll take $5 off. Email me at eric@iresq.com before the end of August.

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