Dude, you’re getting a clone.

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Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Some think that that’s a cliché that doesn’t hold much weight, but Apple always seems to be in a position to maintain that view with everyone trying to copy their style. Engadget reviewed Dell’s new XPS 15z this week, and it’s clear what Dell is going for- the closest imitation of Apple aesthetics by a PC to date. Take a look at the new MacBook Pro, er, XPS:




And, by comparison, the incumbent:




Now normally I’m fairly democratic when it comes to computer choice. You like how Windows works, you keep using it. You don’t want to spend $1500 on a laptop when you can get one for $800, that’s perfectly understandable. But why pay $1000 (plus virus protection software, et al) for a machine that looks kind of like a cheap plastic-ish version of a more beautiful, thinner, lighter, more powerful laptop which happens to be running the best consumer OS on the market? No, I’m not shilling Apple for a handout, I just made the switch from Windows about twelve years ago and I’m still really glad I did. I’m sure the XPS 15z is a fine machine, but the self-advertised “thinnest 15″ PC on the planet” is still thicker than Apple’s 15″ flagship unit, and sort of looks like the 15″ Titanium PowerBook that Apple discontinued nearly a decade ago.

Rant over.

I just want to reiterate Keith’s urging to donate to the Red Cross’s relief effort in Joplin. Go to redcross.org today and make a donation to those in need. Thanks everyone, and have a good week.

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