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iPhones iPhones iPhones! And Snow Leopard. Huzzah! Yes, folks, it’s that time again. The World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is here, and it’s bound to be the most exciting gathering of Mac addicts since last year’s iPhone 3G announcement. I’ll keep it brief since the rumors are soon going to be confirmed or negated and the blog world fully assaulted by the all the news and consumer interpretation.

iPhone 3.0. Faster 3G network, video capabilities, increased storage capacity for less money. And perhaps a more durable construction? These are all big improvements that should boost iPhone sales back to what Apple has grown accustomed to.

Snow Leopard. Not a whole lot of news in the OS arena over the last few weeks. You can expect improved features more on the plane of updates within 10.5, such as security updates, rather than any major design overhaul. Still, new is new.

Portables. Like the iPhone, MacBooks and MacBook Pros may soon see a more affordable pricing structure, which is good news for everybody. There have been whispers of the Aluminum Unibody MacBooks getting a Pro slapped on the name, but no one seems to think there will be a major processor change to match. But we’ll see. Just a few short hours, friends. Be sure to follow MacRumors or AppleInsider and keep that refresh button on a loop. And check my last post for this month’s $10 coupon, good for MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD repairs. Later, peeps.

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