Droppin’ dollars on apps: the best of the summer

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In case you were looking for some fresh iPad or iPhone apps, James Martin listed his three favorite for the summer of 2012. If you can't check out these sweet apps because your device won't turn on, don't dawdle. Find a reputable iPad repair or iPhone repair service that focuses on fast fixes and even faster returns. Those who want these and other apps should look to iResQ for services like iPhone repair and iPad repair to get their device working again.

The first app he speaks highly of is the Bento 4 for the iPad, a personal database app from the company FileMaker.

“Unlike some other database tablet apps, Bento 4 for iPad is completely self-sufficient; it doesn’t require a desktop companion application to, say, create a new database (or 'library,' as it’s called in Bento),” Martin wrote. “The app combines drag-and-drop ease with lots of database templates and the ability to download (for free) even more from FileMaker’s Bento template exchange web page.”

Other apps Martin tours are Klout for the iPhone, which helps track social media “scores,” and LinkedIn for iPad, which he said has a “pleasing” flipboard interface for easily browsing statuses and news stories.

So, if any of these apps have piqued your interest, and you're still in search of an iPad or iPhone repair service to fix your broken device, look no further than iResQ. The repair company will check out what is wrong with your device and make shipping it back to you quickly a priority.

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