Don’t Text and Drive

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Hi all,

One of our beloved Kansas City Chiefs is in a new YouTube video encouraging us all not to text and drive. Good advice! I’m still waiting for someone to invent a device that you can add-on to your vehicle and disable your SMS ability while your car is in motion. I think it would be especially useful for parents who have teenagers. I know if I had a teen child, I’d be very worried and concerned about them texting and driving… iPhone users or otherwise. Anyway, here’s the video (special thanks to Eric K. for sending this over to me when I got to work today):

Who is that guy? Well, I’m pretty sure the Chargers know who he is. Hint: He’s the man with the long locks returning the punt for a TD on the opening “Monday Night Football” night:

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I know that several of our staff, including myself, will be at the Chiefs game this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers. I’ll also be in Columbia on Saturday to watch the Missouri vs. Miami (Ohio) game. Lots of driving for me, but rest assured, no texting!

Stay safe and have a great weekend. Keep ordering those repairs and we’ll be back Monday.


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