Don’t go into the light, Steve.

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This is the last time I’m going to ask, but I hope it resonates. Why does Herm Edwards still have a job? I know Gunther Cunningham, the Chief’s Defensive Coordinator, didn’t look very good yesterday after his squad let the Panthers run up thirty-four unanswered points on them, but what can you expect from a defense that’s on the field for forty minutes of a game? I can almost hear Bill Cowher’s footsteps in the hall outside the locker room.

In Apple news, not much happened over the weekend. Oh- except Steve Jobs DID NOT have a heart attack according to an Apple spokesman and the slight dip in their stock does not mean Jobs is dead. So you can stop worrying and put the rumors to rest.

Now it’s time for my pop-culture pick of the week. John McKenna, former front man for the Kansas City band Red Guitar just released a solo album and, unlike most singer/songwriters that divorce their bands, McKenna’s new record has a totally refreshing sound that’s not just a one-man reboot of the same song craft. Stone Cold Summer captures all the melodic simplicity and perfect hooks of 1960s California surf-pop, with some pretty haunting vocal and instrumental elements and earnest, poetic lyrics. You can download the album for free at Do it. Now. And check out some of the other great artists at Noisetrade while you’re at it.

Finally, here’s a reminder to go to Food for the Hungry and consider sponsoring a child in a third-world or developing country. Email me ( the ID number of a child you sponsored in the month of October for $50 off your next MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair. Godspeed, friends. Until next week. And go White Sox.

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