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Hello, everybodies- busy week in the tech world, so I’ll jump right into it. First thing’s first, the iPad is now on the shelves in WalMart as well as Target stores, so start your holiday shopping early. And speaking of iPads, there are rumors that Apple will release the iPad in the elusive 7″ format in the coming months. Speculation has been made about the redundancy of another iPad in the market, and Apple having no reason to compete against themselves, but it’s an intriguing concept nonetheless. Think about it- you could have a whole family of different devices for all the same functions, but in different sizes. A big 9.7″ Papa iPad, a 7″ Mama iPad, and a Baby iPod Touch. It’s the stuff of fairy tales. Anyway, there’s a short article on MacRumors about it, so take a read.

On the phone front, there’s a lot of iPhone competition coming. Steve Ballmer, pulling out of the wake of the Kin disaster box, has announced a whole slew of new Windows Phones. Despite some on-camera antagonism from Matt Lauer, Ballmer is characteristically enthusiastic about the latest attempt to hone in on some of iPhone’s market share. I don’t think he’s laughing at the iPhone any more, though. New devices aren’t the only strategy- According to the New York Times, Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen are in relatively secret talks (or as secret as talks of that nature can be) about a possible merger or Microsoft’s acquisition of the software developer. Bad news for Apple? Or just another attempt by the business software mogul to catch up to their technology ? In any case, competition is good for development. Keep an ear open for how the competition unfolds. Until then, friends.

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