De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao

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I love boxing.


Pretty huge fight Saturday night (12/6) – Oscar De La Hoya squares off against Manny Pacquiao in a much-hyped HBO Pay-per-view matchup.     It’s very exciting – I am going to make my world famous rotel dip and my wonderful girlfriend will make cookies and other tasty refreshments.


For those of you out there who are also planning on getting the fight, I guess Tecate is doing a 20 dollar rebate towards your cable bill if you buy an promotional 12-pack or more… of course you have to be 21 or older to enjoy the rebate.    I’m planning on stocking that fridge of mine with some Tecate to help out with the bill.


Alright, well I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.    I’ll be back to post again in a couple weeks.    This week’s QPON is ‘MANNY’ for 6 bucks off of any repair service – as usual this does not apply to any diagnostic service, only repairs.   Just email me at with your order number and the QPON code ‘MANNY’ and I’ll happily discount your order.


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