Some Common Things to Go Wrong With an iPhone

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Owners of iPhones will frequently attest to the their love of and reliance upon their smartphones. And why wouldn’t they? Just count all the things an iPhone can do. In addition to allowing owners to make and receive phone calls, they perform a plethora of duties once completely unrelated to phones.

iPhones take pictures. In fact, the newer models take really good quality photos—so good they can be downloaded to a printer and they don’t come out like a heavily pixelated nightmare.

iPhones store to-do lists and calendars that serve as tiny computerized secretaries. Surely everyone remembers the days of writing notes or carrying a tiny “secretary” in the form of a leather notebook with them wherever they went.

iPhones have flashlights. They play music. They read books out loud. They amuse their owners with games galore. They’re practically perfect—right?

Or are they? In fact, there are a few things that commonly go wrong with iPhones—both the earlier models and the brand spanking new ones. And while these things may almost always be fixed, it’s a nuisance to have to take them or send them to a reputable repair business. After all, who wants to be without their lifeline—um, iPhone—for any period of time?

Common iPhone Repairs

So what are some of the things that commonly go wrong with iPhones? Maybe you’ve already experienced one or more of these dilemmas. For those who haven’t yet had iPhone downtimes, the following are the five most common maladies that may one day affect your iPhone.

  1. The battery dies: This is when many iPhone users toss their phones and upgrade to the newest model. Make sure to have your phone checked out by a reputable repair business before doing so, however. Often the battery can be replaced for around $50 or $60, saving you a whole lot of money.
  2. The camera stops working: This isn’t all that unusual, and in doesn’t mean the phone is toast. The camera can usually be fixed—thus saving the cost of an iPhone replacement.
  3. You’ve smashed/cracked/broken the display window: This is an easy one. Be sure your repair business is reputable, and that the screen gets replaced with genuine iPhone parts. Your phone will be just fine.

Always have your iPhone assessed when one of these common problems—or any other problems—occur. It’s likely that for significantly less money than the cost of replacement that the problem with your iPhone can be repaired.

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