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Hey all you out there on the cyberweb. It’s cooling off here in Kansas City and the fall rains are rolling in, but things are still hot in the tech room. Universities are in full swing again, Big XII football is our oasis in the the middle of our precious Chiefs’ desert, and students desperately need their MacBooks and MacBook Pros for, um, work. Not at all for iTunes and FaceBook and downloading Zombieland torrents. Just teasing, students. I kid because I love.

But seriously, we’ve been inundated with repairs shipping to university addresses and that gave me an idea. If you’re a college student with a campus address, email your six-digit web confirmation or invoice number and I’ll give you a deal. $10 off a MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD, $20 off an entire display assembly. You’re welcome. Now hurry up and order so you can get back to that “essay.” This offer is only good until October 31. Peace, friends.

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