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Apple has released a new version of its iMac desktop computer. Though the model will feature the same 21.5-inch display as two other iMac models, the smaller hard drive and lower dual core Intel Core system will drive down the price by $200.

More cost savings could lead to bigger revenue for Apple
Apple's new iMac runs for $1,099, which is a $200 from the previously cheapest model. What primarily makes this new model's price lower is its 1.4GHz processor speed, which is nearly half as much as the $1,299 iMac. Additionally, the cheaper iMac will feature only a 500GB hard drive compared to the 1TB offered by the other four pricier models.

The release of this cheaper computer comes off the heels of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company announced new operating systems for both its computing and mobile offerings. According to CNET, this new iMac represents the first modification to Apple's desktop computer line since September 2013, when the company introduced new graphics processors to the machines, among other changes.

Here are a few other bits of history in the evolution of Apple's iMac:

  • 1998: Back in August 1998, the first iMacs were shipped to customers, ushering in a new era in personal computing, according to apple-history. The colorful encasements of the device demonstrated Apple's commitment to aesthetics as well as functionally smooth devices.
  • 2002: The “flat panel” version of the iMac appeared on the scene, and its easy transportability and compact design made it another game-changer.
  • 2009: With a rich 20″ LCD display and a light, highly attractive design, the 2009 update of Apple's classic desktop was an immediate hit among customers. Its large screen size became perfect for more complex computing needs of people like graphic designers and those putting together newspapers. 
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