By the way, Ping ending September 30

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Compared to Apple’s more exciting and high profile recent product announcements, which included a major iTunes update, the company was much more low-key in making another announcement this month. Ping, the music social networking service that debuted in iTunes in 2010, will be shutting down on September 30.

News broke in June 2012 on All Things D that Apple was planning to do away with Ping when it launched an updated iTunes in September. Starting September 12, according to MacWorld, Ping users encountered a message saying “Ping will no longer be available as of September 30.” A second message for new visitors read “Thank you for your interest in Ping. We are no longer accepting new members.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the D10 conference in May 2012, had suggested that Apple had already withdrawn most of its support from Ping due to limited customer enthusiasm and adoption, so the most recent news did not surprise many onlookers.

Fortunately for Apple users, a new version of iTunes is on the way, and the most recent update to OS X implements Facebook integration, so there are plenty of new music and social networking features to keep using. And with MacBook repair from iResQ, it’s easy to get your computer back in working order in the event of accident so you can keep on looking for new music.

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