Boo. And, might I add, Yah.

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Tricks indeed, Philip Rivers. And what a treat for the fans of Kansas City football. In case you missed it, a moment that will go down in Monday Night Football history turned a sure Chargers win into a dramatic overtime victory for the now tied-for-division-leading Chiefs. Sure, it was a sloppy game full of turnovers. And, yes, Rivers’ up and 2011 hit a season low when he failed to execute the simplest task of any NFL quarterback. But the loudest fans in the NFL at Arrowhead stadium may have had something to do with it, and the momentum that Matt Cassel and the Chiefs took into overtime to shut down the San Diego offense, then cruise down the field for the game winning field goal is nothing to sneeze at. Let’s just revisit what will be the most talked about moment in sports this week:

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