Blue screen of death may require iPhone repair

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Many desktop and laptop users have dreaded the appearance of the fateful “blue screen of death” that typically signals a major viral infection. The latest news shows that some iPhone 5S owners are seeing these feared blue screens.

According to CNET contributor Lance Whitney, the blue screens of death are no longer only affecting Windows PCs and have now spread to iPhone 5S devices, with several users reporting such issues on Apple Support Communities. Reports vary regarding under which scenarios these blue screens emerge, with some claiming the problem only occurs when trying to use the Numbers app inside the Apple's iWork suite that comes pre-loaded on the devices.

“If I open a document in Numbers, then press the power button, the phone seems to power itself off almost instantly instead of going to sleep,” one iPhone user wrote on the Apple forums, PCMag reported.

CNET also detailed that problems have been reported since the phone launched on September 20. The Verge claimed that a possible fix could be to disable iCloud syncing for the iWork suite. If this doesn't work and issues continue to crop up, iPhone 5S users can send devices into iResQ for their iPhone repair services performed by expert technicians.

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