Birds are getting angrier as Angry Birds adds new levels

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One of the biggest phone and tablet-based games in the world is getting more extensive, according to CNET. Angry Birds, the very addictive, much-beloved game featuring characters seen on children's shirts across the world, will be getting 15 new levels, including a beach level. While it may not be a great idea to take Apple devices to the beach (this could surely lead to the need for iPad repair), people can now hang out at the virtual beach with their favorite birds and green pigs.

“A new section dubbed Surf and Turf offers 15 levels where you can slingshot the angry birds at the piggies just trying to get a tan at the beach,” according to the news source. “As usually, the levels start off easy but get more difficult as you move along.”

There are also new power-ups, including a “Birdquake,” a “Sling Scope” and a “King Sling,” meaning it will be more fun than ever to blow up some pigs and get your kidnapped bird friends back.

According to TechCrunch, Rovio, the company that produces Angry Birds, made $106.3 million in revenue in 2011. This is a hugely popular game that shouldn't be missed due to a broken phone or tablet; send your device for iPad repair today if it is not working.

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