Big 12 meltdown and a new QPON

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Wow what a last couple days.    The big 12 is a disaster.   Imploding in front of our very eyes.

I’m sitting here at work, watching iPhones, iPods, iPads and Portables come and go, and have local sports talk on the radio.    One of the local guys is short circuiting all over the place because Nebraska just left for the Big 10.    Colorado left yesterday for the Pac 10.     Who knows where my Jayhawks will end up.    I’m not even about to speculate.   Seems like a new rumor every hour.

Pretty crazy time to be in KC right now.    Mizzou all this time figured they would be a member of the Big 10, now it looks as though they’re out in the cold.    Who knows where they’ll end up.    I know Brian Buffington is sweatin’ it just like I am about KU.

Well, at least the weekend is here.   I’d love to hit the pool tomorrow to relax a little, but it’s supposed to rain all weekend.    Good thing I got the gutters all cleaned out last night.

Another random thought:   wow, there are a lot of iPads coming in lately.    Gotta be careful with those things, but if you need us we’re always here offering our WORLD FAMOUS services!

Alright let me wrap this up:   Let’s do a 6 dollar off QPON.   This discount only applies to repairs.   As always this does not apply to diagnostic services, only repairs!     Just email me your order number and the QPON ‘BIG 12’ to and I’ll knock 6 bucks off of your order.

Have a nice weekend and if you’re in the Big 10 or Pac 10, enjoy our teams!


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