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When you receive a new iPhone, the device will have stock apps such as Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Mail. Numerous recent sources offered up alternative apps that can be downloaded and used in place of these four stock apps in particular. These four tools are important for any mobile worker, but the stock apps that come with the device could be significantly improved to boost productivity.

1. Download Fantastical to replace Calendar
In a recent article for MacWorld, contributor Rick Broida recommended Fantastical, which is a calendar application with enhanced functionality.

“Fantastical not only provides a fresh, attractive interface for your appointments, but it also simplifies adding new ones,” Broida wrote. “Specifically, you can create an entry just by typing a simple sentence: 'Lunch with Thomas on Friday at Always Be Chewing.' Even better, you can dictate that same sentence and Fantastical will turn it into an appointment, with all the critical details filled in.”

2. Download Evernote to replace Notes
Numerous sources suggest downloading Evernote to replace the iOS Notes stock application. In a recent The Wall Street Journal article, contributor Matthew Lynley stressed that Evernote is the top app available for notes and synchronizing them across multiple platforms.

3. Download Clear or Checkmark to replace Reminders
In a recent Business Insider article, contributor Kevin Smith suggested downloading either Clear or Checkmark to replace the stock Reminders app. Clear is a simple tool for keeping track of to-do lists and tasks, while Checkmark has advanced functionality. It has a timer feature, a distance list and location-based reminders.

4. Download Mailbox to replace Mail
Multiple sources suggest downloading the Mailbox application to use in place of the stock Mail app. iPhone users can sign up for the Mailbox app, which is a highly anticipated app for 2013.

“It's all about how you swipe,” Broida wrote. “While viewing your message list, you can swipe right to archive an individual message or a little further right to delete. Swipe left and you get built-in snooze options, an ideal way to make mail resurface at the top of your inbox at later time and/or date. Mailbox is free, but for the moment you'll have to join a fairly lengthy waiting list to get it. Trust me: It's worth waiting for.”

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