Basesball? But it’s still March.

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Well, if your NCAA brackets are doing as poorly as mine right now, you may welcome the change in sporting season. As always, after a promising first round and a 99.9th percentile standing in the ESPN rankings, I blew it in the Sweet 16 and now I’m fourth in the annual office pool. Phooey.

But don’t fret, sports fans (that address is literal this time, not just my usual term of plural-possessive endearment). Apple has got you covered. According to MacWorld, Major League Baseball has launched At Bat 2009, the successor to last year’s stat tracker with a cool new feature- live audio from games around the country. Ok, ok, countries. Sorry Toronto. Forgot you guys were still up there. So go get it now at the App Store and cheer your team on everywhere you go. Enjoy the Final Four, friends. Go ‘Nova.

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