“Bad” News For Us M.J. Fans

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Well it’s true our beloved Michael Jackson has passed away at age 50. All I can say is although times got tough, and yes, a little weird, I have always been and will always be a fan. Thanks for the tunes ya crazy ol’ pop star. Anywho, to turn things away from the somber side; how about those new iPhones? I have yet to purchase one but am pretty anxious to as soon as I can gather up some extra cash. In the meantime you know your friends here at iResQ are ready and willing to repair your damaged 3Gs as soon as you need us. We are already up to our knees in new parts and are just waiting for our first patient. Well folks, I think that’s about all the words I can muster up the strength to type. I need to mourn the loss of my favorite pop star. Hope you all have great weekends and do yourself a favor-listen to some classic Michael Jackson. Trust me, it will be worth it. Rock.

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