Attack of the 50FT Marshmallows!

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Well, not quite. But seriously, my friend Patty found the most gigantic marshmallows I’ve ever seen, and just in time for peak hot chocolate season. Check these things out:


Yes, that is an ordinary penny. And no, it’s not next to an iceberg. That’s a marshmallow. In a time when most product manufacturers are downsizing, it’s good to see one company still embraces the core value that has made America great: gratuitous excess. The only thing more disturbing than their unusual size is this:


Apparently they’re cannibals.

But moving on, I have to make a quick endorsement of a few select iPhone Apps. I’m on the verge of imminent fatherhood (thank you) and I’ve been seeing some pretty cool apps specifically geared to new parents. There are kick counters, pregnancy health guides, an am I pregnant? quiz (it’s a bit late for that), and my personal favorite as a first-timer who has no idea what to do when my wife goes into labor, iContraction. It monitors and times contractions and records patterns so, hopefully, things will seem a little less chaotic in the hours before and at the hospital. Man, I have no idea what I’m in for.

Maybe you people have come across Apps that could do me some good. Send me a tip on a good App for expecting fathers before my daughter is born and I’ll take $5 off your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air repair. Email before December 18th; as always this deal is only applicable to repairs and with no other coupons. Out.


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