Are Your Apps Bugged?

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If you own an iPhone and you use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail or Outlook, you could find that a new bug has invaded it, causing the iPhone to crash. The bug—an Indian language character—came along with iOS 11, less than two weeks ago.

If your iPhone has caught this bug, Apple’s iOS Springboard can crash when the message on one of the aforementioned apps is received. Until a fix is firmly in place, the only way to regain your access to apps like iMessages is to have someone send you a message, and do your best to delete the thread with the bad character in it.

According to a recent report, Apple has plans to fix this problem. They’ve said the fix will come in another iOS update prior to the iOS 11.3 release, which is set for some time this spring.

While this definitely isn’t the first time a weird little character has caused iOS to crash, it certainly is annoying for those who pay good money for an iPhone and then lose the use of apps they rely on with great regularity. And even when a fix is in store, that doesn’t necessarily make good on the situation at hand.

In 2015, iMessage was disabled by a small string of text. A year later, a video lasting only five seconds caused iPhones to crash.

Apple has taken a lot of heat for the numerous security issues and software bugs customers have endured in the past year or so. It’s because of these problems that they plan to do things a bit differently with the release of iOS 12. Rather than adding a slew of new features, they plan to work out some of their issues jeopardizing both reliability and security instead.

If you question whether or not this latest bug is the reason for current serious problems with your apps, pay a visit to your local iPhone repair shop. Even if you still have to wait for the iOS update to fix the problem, you’ll at least know for sure there isn’t an even more serious issue at hand. You can rest assured when visiting these shops that you won’t be pressured into buying a new smartphone to replace the one with the bug. They don’t make money by selling you phones. They make their money by diagnosing and repairing the one you already have.


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