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What a glorious Monday morning, friends. After four straight weeks of 105 degree heat in Kansas City, we’re getting a break for a few days and I enjoyed a cool open-window drive into the Q this morning. It’s not even 80 yet. Hooray! Apple posted a new iPad ad this week that’s pretty poignant. At least those of you that have kids will think so. Just to plug a little (as if Apple needs my endorsement):

Is Apple saying that if your kids don’t have an iPad that they’ll be behind the rest of their generation? How can you deprive them of the education they need to get ahead in life? Go buy them an iPad, and probably a backup iPad just in case something happens to that iPad! Actually, if something does happen to your or your kids’ iPad, we have your back. Just check out our many iPad 1 and 2 repairs.

Now, there was one more thing I wanted to discuss, but I can’t recall…… OH YEAH. The NFL lockout is looking to be over by the end of the day. Knock on wood. Looks like players and owners have reached an agreement and should be hammering out details today. So play on, gentlemen. Play on. We’ve been waiting with bated breath and now we’re at your television viewing mercy again, at least for a few more years. You read the most recent update from the league at

Thanks for wading through all the sarcasm in this week’s post, everybody. Have a great week.

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