Apps to help you adjust to spring (Part 2)

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In a previous post we discussed apps that were centered around two appearance-related tasks that the blooming of spring poses: wardrobe shifts and exercise. But spring is also about having fun, so here are a few more spring-focused apps that are geared toward the joy inherent in the season:

1. Finding your way to the beach: If you're looking to locate the nearest beach, then an app called Beach Finder sounds like it might help. And fortunately for users, the app does exactly what its title promises. Because the app is entirely devoted to finding beaches, you can bet that it's very good at its singular task. And indeed, according to its profile on the Apple Store, the app contains information about 5,300 beaches across North America. With easily navigable mapping and photos from the beaches to boot, Beach Finder is the perfect companion for the water-starved midwesterner who must be rewarded for surviving winter with Herculean endurance. As a bonus, the app also provides the names of the beaches, so that you too can become a beach expert. Just be sure that once you actually land on the beach, you store your smartphone in a safe place. All too often people find themselves dropping their phones in the water – and then it's a cell phone repair shop, and not a beach, that you'll need to find.

2. Locating that perfect vacation rental: Spring is the time when lots of people get serious about their vacation plans, doing everything possible while at work to think about those two precious weeks when work will be literally an ocean away. One of the biggest concerns about traveling is where you'll stay. After all, you don't want to end up at a hotel where the cranky baby in the next room isn't giving his parents a vacation. Sometimes, the answer to this problem is to simply rent a property instead of navigating hotels. Dwellable – a site for finding vacation rentals – makes that happen. Its website features not only property listings categorized by location and price, but also a series of lavish pictures so you get an idea of the place you'd consider renting. A general search of “Cape Cod,” for instance, returned this property, with a description replete with 15 high quality photos that not only provide a sense of the house itself, but also the area it occupies. Fortunately, Dwellable offers an app too – and the app doesn't skimp on the vast photo selection for which the site is known. The app's Google store page shows a rating of 4.3 out of 5, with largely enthusiastic reviews. For prospective vacationers – and let's face it, aren't we all? – this app could spell the difference between a beautiful beachfront villa and a Motel 6.

3. Mapping your way to Happy Hour: Ah Spring, when the days are longer, the mood is lighter, and the bars have outdoor seating. That's right – what better way to reign in spring than with a drink at your favorite watering hole, enjoyed under the beautiful spring sun? Depending on the city you live in, finding a bar may either be difficult or as easy as tying your shoe. But for all those whose streets aren't lined with happy hour hotspots – or for people just looking for some variety – the app DrinkedIn exists to help you get there. Available for free in the App Store, the program provides easy mapping software to make navigating to the bar a thing of the past.

4. A kite-flying game: Why would we include a kite-flying game on a list of primarily outdoor-based spring apps? The rationale is simple: Being cooped up in the office on a beautiful day can lead even the sanest worker into a spiral of distress that might end by smashing your phone screen and needing an iPhone screen repair. To prevent that from happening, we present a game called Kyte. Simple, easy to use and not enraging to play (take note, Flappy Bird), the app provides a pleasant diversion from the stuffy workplace. It also serves as a reminder of the moment you'll clock out at the end of the day and actually be able to fly a kite.

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