Apps to help you adjust to spring (Part 1)

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To say that Mother Nature's furious winter has come to a close somehow seems like it would jinx this beautiful warm spell we're having. But after emerging from a glacial – and glacially cold – winter, we're willing to take some risks in order to express just how enthusiastic we are to (hopefully) put another cold season to bed. However, the emergence of spring brings a whole new set of questions to the forefront – questions like, “What should I wear?” And, “Where is the nearest beach?” Yep – life is going to be tough this spring and summer. Fortunately, we've put together a list of smartphone apps to help make your shift as painless as possible:

1. An app for the sartorially inclined: If there's one thing that the transition to spring facilitates it's the inevitable closet shifting that must take place. Say goodbye to the heavy knits, arctic parkas and thermal underwear of winter – it's time to reign in these good months with some lighter, more colorful fare! Unfortunately, many people discover that, come spring, they may have put on a few pounds, and suddenly last year's polo or floral patterned dress isn't fitting a little snug. You're in the market for some spring wardrobe additions. Fortunately, apps like Gilt can help with that. Originally founded as a website, Gilt is the kind of service that lets you dress like a power broker without having to shell out green. A vast repository of exclusive bargain designer sales, Gilt has gained traction as one of the foremost services of its kind. So it comes as no surprise that the site has its own iPhone app, a convenient extension of its online service that one customer called “my favorite app to feed my shopping addiction!” The often seasonally-based sales will help the discerning customer find great spring clothes at reasonable prices. So if you have an addictive personality and a need to restock your spring wardrobe, be forewarned: This app may just become your new occupation.

2. Getting back to an outdoor exercising regimen: The change in climate means you have no excuse to sit in the house anymore. Time to run outside – or at least take a brisk walk. Whatever your form of forward momentum may be, there's a single app that meets your needs: WalkJogRun.

“We wanted to build an iPhone running app so accurate we would use it every day,” said the group behind the app.

And that's exactly what they did. The app has a database of nearly two million pre-designed running paths around the world – but of course you still have the option to create your own. Once you've chosen on or designed your own route, you're able to visually map it out using the app's interactive GPS system. Let's say a route you came up with would inadvertently take you through rough terrain, which could lead to the need for an iPhone screen repair. The app's GPS would prevent that from happening. And with data analytics solutions built in to track your progress, WalkJogRun knows how you're doing so you don't have to. All you need to do is run like the wind. No wonder the app – which does come at a cost of $1.99 – has received almost universal positive feedback, with one user saying, “It's absolutely perfect for my needs.” Hey, winter weight: Prepare to be destroyed.

Once you've stocked up on some madras shirts and taken a run, check back with us for more spring-forward apps in Part 2.

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