Apps that can improve life for the busy businessperson (Part 2)

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In a previous post, we discussed two apps that can serve as secretaries within a phone to help manage the life of a stressed-out worker. But providing an organizational taskforce is not the only way that apps can help make an employee's life easier. And so in this second part we're highlighting some apps that don't just serve as organizers, but also provide a unique and expedient service of their own. After downloading these apps, you may find yourself with a few extra hours to spare. And hey, sitting at a desk all day isn't going to get you ready for beach season. But now perhaps you'll have the free time to consider making that gym visit you've been putting off:

1. Scanner Pro: The business world is increasingly mobile, and that means that workers often find themselves in remote locations doing their job. A task that once had to be completed in the office can now be carried out 30,000 feet in the air, or on the other side of the globe. Often participating in business meetings means you'll need access to a scanner. But that's not always feasible – especially on a transatlantic flight. With Readdle's Scanner Pro, however, it is. The app turns your iPhone into a professional-quality scanner, enabling you to use the camera's phone to take a picture of the image to be scanned. Once the image is processed by the app, it is converted into a business-quality PDF, which can then be either sent to colleagues, saved to your phone or stored in the cloud, according to the app's official website. Because the app can determine the borders of an incoming scan image, you don't have to worry about positioning the document perfectly before snapping it.

In early January 2014 the app was named Apple's App of the Week, according to MacRumors. The reason for that honor was clear: Users across the board love it. In Apple's customer reviews, professionals across industries have professed their love for the app and the efficiency it affords.

For one user, the app proved extremely helpful on a business trip when he was handed a receipt at a car rental agency.  “Rather than dealing with the hassle of not losing the receipt or wrinkling it too much not the plane, I immediately use Scanner Pro to take a picture of it and then I'm done,” the user wrote. However, it is important to not scan things when you're engaged in other activities like walking or driving, or you could land in need of an iPhone repair.

2. FlightTrack 5: There are myriad reasons to hate airports: The long lines, the questionable food and the general atmosphere of heightened anxiety. But the worst thing by far is the interminable waiting for a plane that seems to be taking its jolly time. The moment you step into an airport you relinquish control. But FlightTrack 5 takes that control and places it firmly back into the hands of the user. With the app people are able to easily monitor flight status with a great measure of accuracy, according to its profile on the App Store. This app is perfect for the businessperson who needs to plan their business meetings around their arrival at their destination. For all those hoping to get work done on the plane, the app tells you whether your flight features on-board Wi-Fi.  And with an aesthetically pleasing user interface that features a graphic of your plane calmly flying to its destination, FlightTrack can also provide a pleasant diversion from the drudgery of waiting. A recipient of largely positive reviews, the app looks to maintain its popularity not just for business folk, but for anyone who doesn't want to cede control the second they step into an airport.

3. Expensify: So you've successfully boarded the plane you tracked with FlightTrack 5, and now you're checking into your hotel room where your conference is set to happen. But the relief of settling in is short-lived, because you realize that keeping track of all your business expenses on this trip will be a job in itself. Luckily there's an app that is designed to do the job for you. Expensify – a service that seeks to streamline expense reporting for businesses through an intuitive and straightforward system – makes the task even easier with its mobile app. Called “a virtual accountant” by The Wall Street Journal and “A mobile app that helps you run your business” by Forbes, Expensify is geared toward managing expense reporting so that you don't have to. Through different features like a photographed receipt storage bank and a system of calculations that determine things like gas mileage costs and bank transactions, the app emerges as an all-purpose trip manager. Its convenience leaves workers to get the most out of their business trip. And without the added worry of managing funds, perhaps you'll even get a chance to check out the hotel pool. Just don't use your smartphone anywhere near the water. That could prove detrimental to phone functionality and cause you to need an iPhone screen repair.

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