Apps that can improve life for the busy businessperson (Part 1)

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The proliferation of business technology creates an interesting paradox: While it makes many tasks a lot easier to manage, it also vastly increases the responsibilities of the average worker. Whereas 10 years ago examining social media accounts wasn't part of the vetting process for prospective employees, it is now. Therefore more work must go into hiring decisions. And technology makes doing business on a global scale easier, but that also means that international clients must be followed up with and kept in the fold. Oftentimes technology can be as stressful as it is fulfilling. But it is important to maximize its benefits. One way to do this is through the discerning use of iPhone apps. There are more than a million app options out there, so it is important to choose wisely. To help with that, we're highlighting some apps that can help make your workday easier:

1. Evernote: Every good businessperson wants to be a walking treasure trove of knowledge and creativity. Yet ideas are always popping into your head at precisely the wrong moment – like before you're going to sleep – instead of in the conference room when they're needed. Evernote takes care of that by providing the treasure chest where all your musings, notes and ideas can be stored. The slogan of the app is simple: “Remember Everything.” It is what one user on the App Store called “a brain, to store everything.” They say we only use a fraction of our own mind, so Evernote must be the place where we put the rest. With easy navigability and an intuitive, user-friendly design, the app does really work as a second head, offering a host of services geared toward enhancing your memory. With one memory feature, for instance, users can take photos of significant things and record an audio tag with it, both of which will be stored in the app's memory, according to Evernote's website. Another feature helps with trip planning by providing “to do” and “places to go” lists.

The app's popularity has made it a go-to program not just for individuals, but for businesses as well. One example of that is the creative, vintage-inspired magazine Uppercase. For publisher/editor Janine Vangool, the production process is challenging, but it is made easier with Evernote. In a YouTube video, she explained how Evernote played an integral role in the operations of the business.

“I use Evernote all day long, on all my devices,” she said. “So it's a part of everything I'm doing.”

This includes being a handy storage bin for all the visual inspirations she compiles, as well as an organizing tool for visualizing how content will appear in print.

It's no surprise that the app has been almost universally beloved. And now that it's added in a handwriting feature, it looks to be continuing its forward momentum, TechCrunch reported.

Take precautions using the program, though. If you are busy recording an audio note as you're walking, you may find your phone slipping out of your hands and requiring an iPhone repair.

2. OmniFocus: This app works in a similar way as Evernote in that it focuses on handling secretarial work that you don't want to have to deal with. But whereas Evernote is more ideas-centered, OmniFocus is all about the to-do list. The app features a convenient system of color coding to contextualize the tasks in your life, according to its official website. For instance, when you input the task “clean out the lint trap in the dryer,” you will be able to classify that under a color-coded context you've created, such as “home maintenance.” One thing OmniFocus does share with Evernote is unequivocal popularity among users. In an App Store review entitled “By Far, Best Task Management,” one user wrote that the app serves as “the everyday planner for everything I do.” And another user said that, “This app does everything I need to do to capture new tasks, see what I should be doing, and manage all my projects.”

Together, these apps help make day-to-day organizational tasks easier to manage. But they aren't the only apps for the expedient worker. Check in soon for more apps that will ease the mind of any stressed-out businessperson!

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