Apps are getting bigger

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If it seems like your iPhone doesn’t have quite as much free space as in the past, it’s not your imagination. According to a new study from ABI Research, the average iOS app size grew 16 percent from March to September and now stands at 23 megabytes.

For games, which ABI Research noted is the most popular app category, the increase was even larger. The average iOS game size in September was 60 megabytes, 42 percent higher than in March. The technology market research company said that this increase is due to Apple’s decision to increase the maximum size of app downloads over 3G and 4G from 20MB to 50MB. Game developers have seized the opportunity to improve graphics quality and app complexity.

The change may put a squeeze on storage space, but Apple is responding by increasing the capacity of its devices. MacRumors pointed out that the only 8GB iPhone still available is the iPhone 4, while the smallest iPod touch still on the market is the 4th generation 16GB model.

“Especially the consumers with 16GB devices are likely to become more conscious about what apps to keep and what to uninstall,” ABI senior analyst Aapo Markkanen said.

If you’re having issues such as a cracked screen or dead battery, though, storage space may be the least of your concerns. Fortunately, with iPhone repair and iPad repair from iResQ, you can quickly get back to enjoying the latest game downloads of all sizes.

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