Apple’s iPad: The ultimate at-home video device

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Folks use their iPads for a wide variety of reasons, whether for reading a book, goofing around on the internet, listening to music or accomplishing any other sort of task. In particular, the Apple tablet is great for watching movies and video content, especially considering that it combines the larger screen size of a laptop with the lightweight portability of a smartphone. For watching your favorite clips and television shows while on the go, the iPad is a no-brainer.

However, a new report from the Council for Research Excellence discovered something interesting about tablets and video watching. Although iPads and other tablets are often marketed as portable mobile devices, the furthest many Americans walk with their iPads to watch TV and movies is from the kitchen to the living room. As it turns out, 82 percent of all tablet-based television viewing happens on the couch. In comparison, 14 percent said they viewed content from a tablet while at work or in the office.

Admittedly, these results can be a little head scratching. Why wouldn't people want to take more advantage of the iPad's inherent portability? Furthermore, why would anyone want to use a tablet when a bigger and clearer television screen will suffice? However, the report did more to answer the second question than the first one. In particular, the Council for Research Excellence noted that maybe people had no other way of watching videos besides through a tablet, and others simply found their iPad or other similar device to be more convenient than TV. This trend was especially notable in households with multiple people, where competition for the remote control is fierce and those who lose out are relegated to another room for television viewing.

Could iPad repair fears be stifling video mobility?
As for why more iPad owners do not venture outside the house with their tablet regularly, the report did not say, although it noted that proportionally smartphone owners are more likely than tablet users to watch video while traveling or in an office setting. One possible theory is that maybe iPad owners worry too much about breaking their computing device so they keep them at home. Of course, as any avid home cook could tell you, homes can be dangerous places too. Regardless, if anything happens to your tablet that prevents you from watching your favorite videos, turn to iResQ's iPad repair services to get yourself back to the sofa for quality TV viewing in no time.

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