Apple’s iPad, iPhone devices could get thinner, lower power displays in 2013

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Apple is in the process of evaluating the prospect of using Sharp's IGZO displays for new models of the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone products in 2013, according to a recent DigiTimes report.

“We've heard rumors about Sharp's IGZO displays over the past year, but no Apple products yet seem to use the new technology,” MacRumors contributor Arnold Kim reported. “There had been talk of production delays that may have prevented Apple from pursuing the technology.”

PCWorld reviewed Sharp's IGZO display technology in August, noting its lower power consumption, improved touch sensitivity and increased pixel density to be among the top benefits of the new technology. It also allows for the glass edge of the display to be slimmed down for use on smaller devices.

Kim argued that the benefits that Sharp's display technology would bring to Apple products makes this technology highly desirable for the company as they continue to put out next generations of devices. Kim noted that when Apple put out the iPad 3rd generation model, it was actually thicker and heavier than the previous model so that it could hold the larger battery needed to power the energy-sucking Retina display.

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