App Store revenue rises 70 percent on Christmas Day

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A recent Distimo report found that daily download activity and revenue both soared this holiday season for Apple applications. Distimo compared this year's data with data from December 2011 to find what sort of growth Apple experienced this year.

By comparing download activity from Christmas Day with the average activity from the month of December, Distimo found that download activity for iPad and iPhone devices increased 87 percent on Christmas. App Store revenues rose 70 percent on the recent holiday over December averages.

Distimo's data analysis also showed that Apple's iPad was the shining star of holiday gifts, with iPad downloads rising 140 percent, while iPad app revenues increased 83 percent on Christmas Day.

Another study, by Peter Farago for the Flurry blog, looked at the activation of new iOS and Android users occurring on Christmas Day compared with averages from the first 20 days of December. During the first 20 days of the month, daily activations by new users averaged about 4 million. Flurry found that activations jumped to more than 17.4 million users on Christmas, which was a 332 percent increase over the month's daily average for activations.

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