App Store downloads top 35 billion

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Remember when McDonald’s stopped keeping track of the number of billions of hamburgers it had sold on its signs? That moment could be coming soon for Apple, too, based on the numbers it unveiled at its October 23 media event.

The company reported that there have now been 35 billion App Store downloads. Additionally, the App Store now features more than 700,000 apps, 275,000 of which are for iPads, according to CEO Tim Cook. Apple has now paid out a total of $6.5 billion to app developers, he added, displaying a giant sample check for the amount behind him.

Those numbers are expected to keep growing, too. In fact, some developers speculated that the iPad mini, announced at the same event, will spur a new wave of app innovations due to its portability, the Verge reported. Additionally, iPad 2 apps already run seamlessly on the mini.

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