App helps pick music for every mood

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Many iPad owners use their tablets to listen to music, but if the headphone jack or volume buttons break, it can be almost impossible to enjoy listening to tunes with the device. With iPad repair, however, people can have their device fixed quickly, allowing them to start using cool music apps like Songza, an internet radio service that will choose music for people based on their mood.

“We're trying to make the world's greatest collection of amazing playlists and long-form listening experiences,” said Elias Roman, co-founder of Songza, according to Reuters. The app features a concierge service that will suggest situations or activities that could be used to determine what is played via the playlist.

Peter Asbill said the app is able to change filters, playlists and more based on what the app learns about the user. He said Songza tries to craft the perfect listening experience no matter what.

With iPad repair, hardware problems that inhibit you from using the latest music apps can be very short-lived annoyances. Quality repair companies can fix issues with volume, home and power buttons, as well as with a malfunctioning headphone jack, allowing music lovers to get back to listening to their favorite tunes.

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