Any Karate Kid fans out there?

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Any Karate Kid fans out there?    I’ve sort of been on a ‘Karate Kid’ kick (pun intended) lately.    I gotta say, I’m a huge ‘John Kreese’ fan.     He was the sensei in the evil ‘Cobra Kai’ dojo:


A sinister man, vicious and angry man, yet a determined man…  a man that couldn’t top the late Mr. Miyagi though, as we all found out.

I never really got into ‘Karate Kid II’ to be honest.    I mean, it’s OK I guess.     Just sort of boring.    Best thing about that movie was the theme song performed by none other than the great ‘Peter Cetera’ “Glory of Love”:


I must admit, ‘Karate Kid III’ is quite simply one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s so absolutely horrible that it somehow propels itself into hall-of-fame status. From the loose script, to awful dialogue (“Macaroni and cheese? You know what I like-ah!”), to the hilarious antagonist ‘karates bad boy Mike Barnes’, and finally to the relentless villain ‘Terry Silver’ “HAAH-SAAH…. HAAAH-SAAH!” (check out the “villains night out” on the bottom far right):


I don’t know – I just thought I’d throw all this out there.    The ‘Karate Kid’ Trilogy is wonderful.    I refuse to mention ‘The Next Karate Kid’ because it’s what I like to call “trilogy blasphemy”.    It just doesn’t count.

I think at this time I’ll go ahead and put the ‘SHORT CIRCUIT’ QPON to rest, it is now expired.    In its place, let’s do the QPON “TERRY SILVER” for 6 dollars off of any repair.    As usual, this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.   Just set up your order and email me your order number at and I will apply the discount.

See you in a couple weeks – Mick

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