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The main reason I switched to Apple from PC while I was at Mizzou about  decade ago was because Apple computers were simply not susceptible to the same viruses and spyware that plagued Windows. Working at the school’s help desk, I would check-in computers that had problems. The number one problem that I saw was a combination of viruses and spyware exclusively on PCs. Students were constantly streaming in with their infected Dell laptops.  They would have to shell out $75 for an OS reinstall and all their data would be lost in the process. This is simply a fact of life when you own a Windows machine.  One constant, though, was the fact that every Apple computer that came in was not checked in due to a virus or spyware, but because of hardware damage.  Long story short, Apple computers very rarely had software problems. When an Apple computer was checked in, it was because the student or professor dropped their laptop and cracked the screen.

The moral of the story for me was simple: BUY A MAC!! I can personally attest that I have NEVER had a software related issue with any of the Macs I own.  As a matter of fact, I’m still using the same MacBook I purchased in 2007 without ever having to reinstall OS X.  Sure, I’ve upgraded the OS from 10.4 all the way through 10.6, but I never did an “erase and install”.  This is a true testament to OS X’s durability.

Unfortunately, due to Apple and OS X’s success, at least one virus has surfaced: The Mac Flashback Trojan. Fortunately, this virus has only affected a relatively small amount of Mac users. If you are unsure if your Mac has this virus, follow the following link to a Gizmodo article for a quick guide on how to troubleshoot the issue.

This is actually kind of funny, some PC friends of mine are actually happy that Macs now have viruses. Here is an example, “Hahaha. All of you Apple fanboys claim that your computers couldn’t get viruses and thats a lie!  They are able to get them too!” Now if this is not comedy, then what is?  It’s pretty much backhanding their PCs while they are attempting to make fun of Apple.  Oh the humor.

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