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Good morning, all you morning people. This morning I’m moving a little more slowly than usual because I went to see the Royals play the Rangers last night and it went into eleven innings. Despite some exciting moments like Eric Hosmer’s bottom of the ninth solo home run to tie (fireworks!) and some decent pitching in Danny Duffy’s Major League debut, we stayed at Kauffman Stadium extra late only to see a heartbreaking one-run loss. Again. Slumps are not as fun as win streaks. We had great seats behind home plate (it’s possible that you saw me on SportsCenter) with all the scouts, which was fun. Not a real talkative bunch, believe it or not. But who needs to talk to scouts when you have seats like this?

Too bad we had two consecutive pinch runners picked off in the ninth. Ah, like the Royals of old.

Word has it on the web (inter) that the iPhone 5 is more like the iPhone 4s. Which isn’t really surprising despite the early guesses that 2011 version of the world’s most popular phone was going to take shape more like a tiny iPad. Sounds like there won’t be any hefty design changes, but certainly improved performance. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

If you still haven’t checked out our most recent web short, check it out on YouTube now. Trust me, it’s worth 75 seconds of your time. Have a good week, and weekend everyone.

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