The Aggravation of the iCloud Password Request

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If any of you have experienced this, you know what I’m talking about – the iPhone becomes senile.

It asks you for your iCloud password. You enter it in and log into iCloud.

The next thing you know, it pops up again. Oooookay….so you enter it in again. You know you just did it, but hey, maybe iPhone is having a hard day.

And then… asks for it again! What in the world? Why is it doing that? Ugh…you enter it in again, and lo and behold, it asks again.

You get the picture. You know the deal. You want to throw your iPhone out the window, but you love it too much to do that.

So, here you are – online looking for a solution. Alright – we have it.

First Step – Check iCloud

You need to check the iCloud system status page to make sure everything is A-Okay. Make sure all of the services have a green icon, and be sure your iCloud sign in is checked off.

If your iPhone is still asking you for the iCloud information, move on and try these tips:

  • Turn it off…turn it back on.
  • Log out of iCloud and then log back in. This might be annoying because you also sign yourself out of everything that is connected to it, but it’s worth it if that annoying request goes away. After it does, you can hook everything back up to iCloud and you’re free from the aggravating sign in request.
  • Reset the password if you’re still getting the request. There might be some issue with the password you are using, and it keeps trying to reset itself for you. Just be aware when you change the password for iCloud, you will have to change the password for iMessage, iTunes, Facetime, etc.
  • As a final resort, restore your device. Face palm to the forehead – we know. What a pain. However, if you can get it to stop requesting your iCloud info, it’s worth it. Back up your phone to iTunes, do a restore and then put everything back onto your phone.

One of these SHOULD correct the iPhone iCloud bug. Good luck!

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