3 uses for the NoPhone

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Having a smartphone changes people in some ways. It helps them be more productive and connected, but it can also prove to be a distraction at some times. But just in the same way that smokers find alternatives when they're trying to quit cigarettes, “mobile addicts” will soon have their own assistance. 

According to The Belfast Telegraph, a Kickstarter campaign for the NoPhone has proven to be a rousing success. NoPhone is a piece of plastic that resembles an iPhone and was created as a commentary on mobile culture. While it may be kind of a gag gift, there are still some surprising and inherent uses that NoPhone has for those who choose to buy it. 

The NoPhone actually might be able to help you out if you find yourself in need of a surrogate device – or even just a good laugh. Here are three things that can be done with the NoPhone:

1) Reducing unnecessary use
Smartphones are essential to everyday life, but not everyone needs to be playing Angry Birds every spare moment they have. Some people may choose to leave their phones at their desks or at home during certain portions of their days. It may sound silly, but carrying the NoPhone around instead can help to fill the vacant space in your pocket – and even your hands.

2) Fooling others
According to The Independent's Christopher Hooton, one of the possibilities for NoPhone use comes from having a laugh. Try showing up at dinner with friends and taking out the NoPhone. Does anyone notice what it actually is or does its appearance allow it to blend in? Perhaps the expectation these days isn't to have your phone out, but just to have a small rectangle in your hand at all times.

3) Temporary replacement
Things happen. iPhones break all the time. Some people may feel a little naked when their device is in the shop, and – while it seems a little crazy – the NoPhone can help to curb anxiety felt by not having the real thing in your pocket. Sometimes it's all just about knowing it's there, even if you can't use it the way you might need to at the moment.

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