2 tips for good mobile etiquette

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The rules of etiquette have changed quite a bit with technology. Modern smartphones may have enabled a greater number of interactions to occur from a larger variety of places, but it has also created more opportunities for a social faux pa to occur. There are some instances where picking up the phone just isn't advisable.

“Nearly all of us have encountered it at some point – the boor who puts a cell-phone call on speakerphone in public, oblivious to the bystanders leveling death-stares in his direction,” wrote Yahoo contributor Deborah Hopewell.

Hopewell cites a recent study from Expedia that polled people from around the world for their feelings on mobile device use in public. The results found that, chances are, if a stranger can hear what you're doing then those around you may be irritated

With so many smartphones in circulation these days, it is essential to be respectful of those around you. Here are some tips for maintaining proper smartphone etiquette:

1) Set to vibrate
Expecting a call? Think you'll need to take it during a movie? Even if you plan on stepping out to talk, your ringtone could draw the ire of fellow theater patrons. One of the easiest ways to make sure that everyone around you stays dialed into the movie is either to put your phone on silent or vibrate. Keeping it in your pocket or somewhere else where it can be readily seen means a reduced risk of popcorn and drinks being thrown in your direction. While the movies is a perfect example, this goes for any public or sensitive situation.

2) Headphones, headphones, headphones
Smartphones can be a perfect distraction during a morning commute or while passing time in a waiting room. Games, videos and music are easily obtained through these devices and played from anywhere. But in close quarters, one person's fun can be another's annoyance. This is why it's important to have a pair of headphones that can be pulled out in case of emergency.

But this doesn't just go for media. Calls can be taken and made while wearing special headsets – Apple earbuds actually have microphones built in for just this reason. Having headphones in means that ringtones can still be used without disturbing those around you.

In order to make sure that you're staying polite, however, things like the vibrate feature and the audio output need to be in working order. iPhone 5c headphone jack not working? iPhone 5c vibrate not working? Contact iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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