​The movies and iOS: A great match

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Summer is the season of better tans, more swimming and big blockbuster movies. Whether you're into superhero clashes, romantic comedies or unstoppable robots, your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can help you to find out more about a movie and its cast, buy tickets or pick the perfect time to step out for a bathroom break during the film. There are a number of useful movie apps available for all iOS devices.

Have you ever wanted to look up a movie star's complete film history or discover unusual trivia about one of his or her flicks? The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has long been a popular Web resource for film research, and its iOS app has become increasingly useful thanks to some new features. The newest version includes more detailed biographies and search features, stated Digital Trends contributor Trevor Mogg in his overview of its release. If you're on an iPhone or iPad, you can also use the newly built-in Amazon Mobile search to find specific movies for sale.

The most touted addition to IMDb for iOS is its function that helps you purchase tickets. IMDb now works in tandem with ticket service Fandango, so that moviegoers can find and attend a specific movie that's showing nearby. Additionally, IMDb can set up calendar notifications for the release date of a selected film.

IMDb and beyond
Mogg noted that IMDb has over 130 million entries, with info on 4 million cast and crew and 2 million TV shows and movies. Alongside the flagship IMDb app, there's the IMDb Trivia quiz app and and IMDb Buzz news app.

​The Unofficial Apple Weblog writer Kelly Hodgkins also recently profiled some other useful iOS movie apps. Perhaps most intriguing are MovieStinger and Anything After, both of which let you know in advance if a movie has extra contents after the credits. You'll never have to miss a funny cut​ scene again. Similarly, the Run Pee app can analyze a movie and suggest the optimal time to step out for a bathroom break. For games along the lines of IMDb Trivia, you can try out Jumbl​: movies to unscramble movie titles, or you can use 4 Movie Scenes to try to guess a title based on a scene montage.

Like a cinema, your iOS device has a great screen for watching movies. If it gets damaged, send it to iResQ​ for excellent iPad repair and iPhone repair services.

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