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Camera Removal Service for Samsung Galaxy S5

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Quick Overview

This Samsung Galaxy S5 repair service will remove the camera from your smartphone. To learn more about this special service, click here.


Many places will not allow you bring in a camera. This is usually because there is a security risk when there is camera around. While many people believe they just need to keep their smartphone at home, that's not true. The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be removed.

About this Samsung Galaxy S5 Repair Service

We are proud to offer this valuable Samsung Galaxy S5 repair service. Our certified technicians have been trained to remove the camera from the S5 without harming any other feature of the phone. This means that customers can take their phone to work or the place where they weren't able to before because it has a camera.

It's easy to show someone there is no camera in the phone once we are done with this service. Simply allow the person to look at your phone and try to take a picture. It will be evident quickly the camera is no longer part of it.

Have questions?

Since this service is so unique, we understand if you have some questions. Feel free to call us or email with any questions. We can speak to someone to check to see if this service will benefit you. All we want is to make it possible for you to use your phone in a highly secured setting.

Add this repair service to your cart today. Follow the instructions for sending us your Samsung Galaxy S5 and we will take care of the rest.