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Pennsylvania iPod, iPhone, iPad & Macbook Pro Service & Parts

If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania – the beautiful Keystone State that is actually a commonwealth – then we’ve got great news for you if you’re an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Macbook Pro owner and you’re worried that you may need to give up on your damaged technology tool. You don’t have to throw it away! iResQ specializes in the repair of handheld technologies from Apple AND Macintosh.

From Erie and Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Allentown, iResQ has you covered for repairs of damaged iPods, iPads, iPhones, Macbook Pros, laptops and Mac Minis. Located in Kansas City in the center of the United States, we use revolutionary and affordable convenience shipping services from UPS and FedEx to get you damaged handhelds right to our repair facility, then back to you as soon as possible – including overnight options. Our protective shipping boxes will get your trusted device back to you in better shape than when you shipped it to us. We even feature tracking options if you’ve just GOT to know where your beloved machine is on its journey back to your waiting arms.

So for iPod, iPad, iPhone and Macintosh repairs in Pennsylvania, please contact iResQ today to get started on getting your Apple and Mac products back in action, fast.