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iPhone SE White LCD Screen & Digitizer Glass (Part Only) Self Install Kit

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This iPhone SE screen replacement kit is for the white iPhone SE. This kit includes all tools and parts. Learn more about this kit here.


Your white iPhone SE looked so pure, clean, and beautiful. That was until you dropped it and it cracked. Now, every time you look at it, you want to cry. Don't shed another tear though. You can fix it with this iPhone SE screen replacement kit for the white model.

About the iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit

This kit includes:

• LCD/Digitizer
• Suction cup
• Pentalobe screwdriver
• Philips screwdrivers

These are all the tools and parts used by the experts. It does include the instructions to replace the screen on your iPhone SE. This is because we don't recommend that you use this kit. Yes, we're trying to sell it to you, but we would rather fix it ourself. There's a high liklihood that you could damage the home button when replacing the screen. This could end up damaging the touch ID or fingerprint recognition function completely. You or anyone else won't be able to fix it. The phone will be completely broken.

If you are an expert and want to order HIGH QUALITY, OEM parts, this is the place to order them. Simply add this to your cart, choose shipping and make your payment. We will send it out to you the same day we receive your order.