Your iPhone can now give massages and go underwater with these accessories

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While Apple is not attending the 2013 International Consumers Electronics Show, a number of electronics have been highlighted this week that work with iOS devices. One such accessory is the i-Massager from China-based company E-Tek.

According to 9To5Mac, the i-Massager is a certified medical Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) product. It works through an iPhone app, where users can control the frequency and intensity of the pulsations emitted. This gadget will be officially launched in March.

The iMusic BodyRhythm, a massaging vest that syncs with the music on iOS devices, was also unveiled at CES, 9To5Mac reported. This product just launched via Kickstarter. It comes with an app that allows users to sync the massage to a song, adjust the massage intensity and play the drums or shake Apple devices to control the massage thumping.

Incipio also displayed their waterproof mountable cases this week, according to 9To5Mac. These cases allow users to mount their iPhone 5 to bicycles and surfboards so that everything can be recorded – even underwater.

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